Sow the seeds of summer color

This year’s National Nutrition Month theme, “Eat Right with Color,” urges us to get back to the basics of a healthy diet by creating a rainbow of color on our plates.  What’s more basic than growing your own food?  For as little as a few dollars, you can plant some seeds and grow your own garden full of colorful fruits and vegetables.  Come mid-summer, you’ll have a rainbow to pick from in your very own backyard (or in a pot on your patio).  Never tried out your green thumb?  Start small with some low-maintenance plants like tomatoes or peppers.  Need faster results?  Plant a variety of lettuce seeds in a pot; they’ll be ready for harvest within weeks.  There’s no better—or less expensive—way to enjoy the freshest produce and reap all the healthy rewards.  Check out these websites for growing information and tips to get started:  and  I know there are many experienced gardeners out there—do you have any tips for beginners on gardening success?  What do you love about gardening?


One Response to Sow the seeds of summer color

  1. Harry says:

    Loving the information on this site, you have done a good job on the blog posts.

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