Sweet success!

Thank you to all who joined us last Thursday for our TalkDiabetes live meeting, “How Sweet it Is!  The true story on sugar substitutes.”  We had a record turnout of nearly 70 guests!  Participants sampled and compared cookies made with a variety of sugar substitutes and were able to take home samples of the sweeteners to try on their own.  We had a great time and hope that everyone enojed the meeting as well.  As promised, here are copies of the presentation, recipes and baking information that was provided.  You’ll also find links to the websites for each sweetener that was discussed.  And as a bonus: for visiting the blog, you will find additional recipes that were not featured at the live meeting!  Thank you for joining us and for your continued dedication in managing your health and diabetes.  As always, please contact us if we can help.  Our next live meeting, “Don’t Let Diabetes Ruin Your Travel Plans,” is May 19 at 7 p.m. in the Great Room.  Get ready for an interactive “travel experience” through different ports of call where we’ll discuss options and resources for enjoying your vacation with diabetes!

Sweeteners Presentation: http://www.stanthonysmedcenter.com/diabetes/documents/How_Sweet_it_Is.pdf

Recipes and baking information: http://www.stanthonysmedcenter.com/diabetes/documents/Cookie_Recipes.pdf  http://www.truvia.com/recipes/print-pages/NA3021017.aspx  http://www.stanthonysmedcenter.com/diabetes/documents/Equal_Recipe_Fact_Sheet.pdf  http://www.stanthonysmedcenter.com/diabetes/documents/Stevia_Recipes.pdf  http://www.stanthonysmedcenter.com/diabetes/documents/Healthier_Baking_with_Fewer_Carbs.pdf

Sweetener Websites:


2 Responses to Sweet success!

  1. Stefanie Newbill says:

    Dear LiZ, Cathy , Mary thank you for all you do for diabetes. My A1C test came back 5.6 and my blood sugar was 99. I had a wake up call for myself to get motivated. It is appreciated. Stefanie Newbill

  2. Ann Thess says:

    I would like to hear more from the research doctore that was there please post your information so i can contact you.

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