The emotional side of diabetes

Dear Readers,

As a dietetic intern, I have had the pleasure of experiencing many diabetes counseling sessions with members of our community.  During my outpatient counseling rotation, I have come to realize that diabetes is a condition in which many people struggle to manage. The past couple weeks have not only allowed me to observe and practice diabetes education, but I have also experienced the emotions and barriers that are involved in diabetes. Diabetes is not something that is simply managed by medications, diet and exercise; one has to manage diabetes emotionally too. My experience with St. Anthony’s Diabetes Education program has taught me that in order to be an effective counselor, I must listen to the patients’ desires, focus on their habits and work with them to push past barriers in order to have success. To those that have helped teach me this, thank you!

-Lesli Spencer, Saint Louis University dietetic intern

Reflection: We all experience different emotions when managing diabetes. What emotions have you felt? Have you struggled with any aspects of managing diabetes? Please leave comments below or share your story under the “Personal Stories” tab at the top of the page. Just as Lesli has learned during her rotation, we as educators want to know how we can help you push past barriers in order to successfully manage your health.


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