Finally painless blood glucose testing?

We educators hear it almost every day, “Do I have to stick myself?”  And we don’t blame you.  Glucose monitoring technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, especially since the 1980s, but we have yet to find a way to monitor blood glucose without taking a blood sample.  Newer technologies, such as continuous glucose monitors, still require calibration with multiple fingersticks a day.  But according to researcher Zhi Xu, professor of chemistry and biochemistry at our local University of Missouri-St. Louis, people with diabetes could soon have a pain-free way to check their blood glucose levels. Xu and his team have developed a portable, inexpensive, non-invasive blood glucose detector that is one step closer to hitting the market.  Sounds almost too good to be true!

This is great news, especially for those advised to test their blood glucose multiple times a day.  Blood glucose monitoring plays a critical role in the treatment of diabetes, and frequent measurement has been shown to significantly decrease the risk of diabetes complications such as damage to the nerves, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys and heart. Click here to read more about Xu’s research.  Stay on the look-out; painless glucose monitoring could be within reach very soon! Until then, if you need assistance using your glucose test results to improve diabetes control, contact us.  We’re here to help you make the most of each fingerstick!


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  1. […] Recently our diabetes education staff at St. Anthony’s Medical Center had the pleasure of hearing about the newest glucose monitoring technology straight from the inventor himself—Dr. Zhi Xu, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry at UMSL, presented his non-invasive glucose monitor. Remember, we wrote about Dr. Xu before here! […]

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