It’s time for spring cleaning!

If you’re like me, spring gives you the itch to clean up and get organized!  This past weekend I started organizing my closets, pitching what I didn’t need, and also cleaned up the yard, the landscaping and the garden.  It just seems to make everything feel fresh!  With summer, swimsuit season and pool-time soon on their way, why not apply the same principle to your cupboards? Being surrounded by a healthy, organized kitchen helps clean up your diet too.  Does your pantry look like this? Maybe it’s time for spring cleaning!

Start by taking inventory.  It is not necessary to throw food away (unless it is expired), but you should try to whittle away less healthy choices and replace them with healthier options the next time you grocery shop.  Store the “keep” items on one side of the pantry and the “toss” items on the other side.  That way you have a clear vision of what needs to be used up and what items you need to buy.  Then work on making meal-time easier by stocking basic ingredients to keep on hand.  Basics include whole grains, fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, low-fat or fat-free dairy products, lean meats, fish, dried beans and nuts.  Click here for a list of healthy suggestions to stock your pantry and fridge. If you need help determining what’s healthy or how to fit foods into your meal plan, contact your Registered Dietitians at St. Anthony’s! Stay tuned for more spring cleaning ideas to refresh your environment.


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