April showers bring May produce!

Asparagus is a nutrient-packed and versatile vegetable.

The showers (and storms) of April remind us that spring has arrived and summer is just around the corner!  One of the best things about the changing seasons is the appearance of seasonal fruit and vegetables in the grocery store or at your local farmer’s market.  While you can find most fruits and vegetables in your grocery store year-round, the best time to buy produce is when it’s in season.  If you stick to seasonal produce you’ll find that your food not only tastes better, but it costs less too!  Also by selecting seasonal produce, you are most likely choosing foods that are grown closer to home.  Since fruits and veggies start to lose nutrients as soon as they’re picked, choosing seasonal produce reduces travel time from the farm to the table and improves the nutritional value of your food. 

One great seasonal vegetable that’s available in Missouri and Illinois between the months of March and June is asparagus.  This beautiful green vegetable can be enjoyed raw for a delicious crunch, steamed, roasted or baked as side dish or included as an ingredient in a main course.  Try this delicious and low fat asparagus frittata recipe.  And don’t be afraid to mix up your routine: a frittata can be enjoyed at dinner as well as breakfast!   

For more information regarding seasonal produce available in your area, click here.

Written by: Erin Hribernik, St. Louis University Dietetic Intern


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