“I couldn’t do it without her:” A story of success and support

Cathy Burke and Melodie Cotton

One of my favorite things to hear as a dietitian is the story of others’ successes in improving their health – whether that success is weight loss, blood sugar control, reduced blood pressure or cholesterol, improved sense of well-being or increased energy.  At the beginning of April, we gathered a small group of motivated employees to walk with us in honor of the American Heart Association’s Start! Walking Day.  I walked alongside Melodie Cotton, who told me about the success she was having with weight loss.  I was intrigued by her methods and, of course, excited to hear about her success, so I asked if she would be willing to contribute to our very first blog interview!  When I arrived to our meeting, I also learned that she had embarked upon this journey with some partners who were a key to her success and also achieving their own goals.  Their motivational story about success and support is one that can help us all.  Thank you Melodie, Cathy and Nancy for sharing your story with me and the rest of our readers!  Please click here to read our interview.


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