Overcoming dining out difficulties

What culture doesn’t love food? Eating is often a social experience as well – a time to enjoy good food in the company of friends and family. But frequent dining out is also contributing to the expansion of our waistlines. Oversized portions of high-fat, high-calorie food are literally making us oversized. Dining at home most often is a good solution, but when choosing to eat out, your menu choice can make all the difference in the amount of fat, calories and carbohydrate you consume. It can be difficult to navigate menus to find choices that fit your meal plan.  For those who are not so savvy when it comes to reading nutrition labels or don’t have time to check and compare the nutrition facts for each menu item, one website attempts to make the task a bit easier: www.healthydiningfinder.com. Simply search for restaurants within your zip code (and even price-range) and the website will compile a list of restaurants that offer options meeting specific health and nutrition criteria. Check the website’s “Nutrition Criteria” tab to find out more about the guidelines used to select dishes. Keep in mind that some meals may still contain more calories, fat or carbs than you’re willing to “spend” on a meal. Overall, we found it helpful and time-saving. Now why don’t you give it a try next time you’re going out to eat? What you find may surprise you!


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