One simple change that will help you lose weight

Memorial Day marks the start of poolside fun.  It also reminds us that it’s swimsuit season once again…

Often people will react to the thought of being seen in a swimsuit by beginning yet another “diet.”  Instead, why not start incorporating some habits that yield a more permanent weight loss and a healthier lifestyle?  One simple habit to start with: eating breakfast.  My patients often ask, “But if I eat breakfast, that’s just more calories. How can eating more result in weight loss?” Preliminary research done at the University of Missouri and published in the May 2011 issue of Obesity shows that eating breakfast reduces hunger cues throughout the day, so you’re less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks and overindulge at meals.  The study compared MRIs of adolescent girls who 1) skipped breakfast, 2) ate cereal and milk for breakfast or 3) ate yogurt and waffles made with protein powder.  According to surveys and brain scans, both breakfast meals led to increased fullness and reductions in hunger throughout the morning.  The higher protein waffle meal led to even greater changes in appetite and satiety (fullness).  This research supports similar studies done on the topic.  Breakfast counts!  It’s important to note, however, that breakfast must fit the goals of your otherwise healthy diet.  Sorry bacon, sausage and egg-eaters—this isn’t the go ahead to consume high-fat, protein-rich breakfasts on a regular basis.  Get your protein from lean sources like low-fat dairy, nuts and peanut butter most often.  Read more about the study here.


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