Summer Picnic Series! (Tip #1)

Leading up to the 4th of July, we’ll be posting daily tips for incorporating healthy, festive and delicious foods into your picnics and barbecues.  Visit the TalkDiabetes blog daily through the 4th of July to gather up some fresh ideas for enjoying the summer holidays while staying in control of your diabetes (and helping family and friends to stay healthy too)!

Summer picnic series tip #1:

Choose diet or sugar-free beverages instead of regular soda, lemonade and fruit punch.  It’s an easy way to reduce “empty” calories and carbs.  Wouldn’t you rather save them for family favorites or dessert anyway?  Better beverage choices include diet soda, Crystal Light® or other sugar-free add-in, ice tea with sweetener or water with homemade fruit-filled ice cubes.

To make fruit-filled ice cubes: Place a raspberry or mint leaf in each section of an ice cube tray.  Fill with water and freeze.  Add to water for a refreshing twist!


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