Summer Picnic Series Tip #7

Happy 4th of July! 

As the final tip in our summer picnic series, we finish appropriately with a delicious and seasonal dessert.  Instead of pie or pound cake, try an angel food cake with an assortment of colorful, fresh berries.  The light and fluffy texture of angel food cake combined with the sweetness of summer berries is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.  This dessert still contains carbohydrate, but is much lower in fat and calories than other typical desserts (even if the pie is sugar-free).  And it actually is easier than pie.

Whenever dining at parties, try your best to make a healthy food choice.  Even if you’re not in charge of party-planning, you may consider bringing a healthy dish along!  If few options are available, limiting portion sizes can help you control carbohydrate, fat, and calories to meet your goals.

Remember, our dietitians are always available for help with meal-planning.  If you’re unsure about your nutrition goals, need a “refresher” or just some help with planning and organization, contact us.


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