Get pumped for exercise!


Get ready for our "Get Pumped for Exercise" blog series!

The benefits of exercise are unmatchable.  Not only is exercise essential for weight loss, it’s also proven to improve heart-health, reducing the risk for heart attack and stroke. Routine aerobic exercise helps maintain blood sugar control by helping the body use insulin and blood glucose more efficiently. Not to mention, exercise is great for improving mood and reducing stress.  It’s natural medicine!

So get pumped for exercise with our new blog series!  Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting safety tips, motivational tools and need-to-know information for exercise with diabetes.  If you’re looking to start an exercise routine, need a little help getting motivated or want to be safe and prepared, this series is for you!  To be alerted of each update, subscribe to the blog by clicking “sign me up!” in the email subscription box to the right.

As always, we’d love to hear your comments! Do you have any advice for those new to exercise? How did you get started? How do you stick with it? Please leave your comments below any of the posts we make.


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