Get Pumped: Safety first!

Summer brings more daylight hours and that means more time for outdoor activities! There are many great reasons to continue any exercise regimen, but being outdoors provides the opportunity to add something different to your routine: walking, biking, gardening, golfing, or water exercises.  However, exercise during the hot summer temperatures requires some extra attention to safety precautions, especially if you have diabetes.  Over the next two weeks, you’ll learn the most important safety tips for starting an exercise routine.  Here’s number one: 

1. Start with your health care provider’s recommendations.

Maybe it’s time for that physical exam you’ve been delaying!  Check with your physician if you haven’t exercised in a while, if you have back/joint problems or a heart or respiratory condition.  Your provider can give you guidance on the type of exercise that may be safest for you. A Cardiac Rehab or Pulmonary Rehab program may be beneficial and may be covered by your health insurance company. St. Anthony’s Medical Center provides these types of monitored, guided exercise programs (click the links above for more information).


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