Here’s to 100!

That’s right–it’s our 100th blog post! The blog went LIVE at the beginning of 2011 and not only have we reached the anniversary of our very first post, but almost another year has passed us by. We’re excited and want to know what you think about the TalkDiabetes blog.

Our blog was founded as a means to provide information, healthy recipes, support and communication with our patients and others out there living with (or supporting someone with) diabetes. Our mission is to provide the best care to our patients and we truly value your feedback. If we could borrow a moment of your time, please take this brief survey to evaluate our blog. Thank you!

If the above link does not work, please click here to take the survey.

If you enjoy reading our blog, please subscribe so that you can be notified whenever we post new information (only once or twice a week). You’ll receive an email when the post goes up, and that’s it. We respect your privacy and you won’t receive anything else from us, nor will your email be shared.


2 Responses to Here’s to 100!

  1. […] Use this link to connect directly to the TalkDiabetes blog site and click on the link that says “Take our […]

  2. Dawn Glantz says:

    Congratulations! Your posts have valuable information and keep up the good work on healthy eating education.

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