Rewarding experience for me

Recently I shared an experience on the “Personal Stories” page because it reminded me of why I’m a dietitian. Please read my story by clicking here.

The blog is set up so that you can also easily share some of your stories about living with diabetes or caring for someone with diabetes too. We know there are many successes and struggles along the way. This blog represents a community of readers who share many similar experiences and you never know, your story might help someone else (or vice versa). To share a story, follow these simple steps:

1) Log in or register for a WordPress account. It’s free.

2) Go to the Personal Stories page by clicking on the “Personal Stories” tab at the top of the page, under the TalkDiabetes banner.

3) Enter your story in the “comments” box. It’s allowed to be as long as you’d like. After you’re finished writing your story, click on the “Post Comment” button under the comment box. Please keep in mind that your story might not post right away, but we’ll see it. Everything that is posted on the blog must be approved by our writers before it goes public. We might make minor changes, but your message will not be affected. This is just to make sure that our blog maintains the professional image that you expect from our St. Anthony’s Diabetes Educators.

Please feel free to share or comment as often as you! You can comment on any of the posts on the blog, at any time. Also encourage your friends and family members to subscribe to the blog and share their stories too. The more, the merrier!


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