Get Your Plan in Place: Tips for Successful Meal-Planning!

It’s week 3 of the New Year already! Hopefully you are already making small changes in order to reach your bigger goals.

A common goal among our patients is to lose weight and control diabetes through diet and exercise. Well–we all know that a big part of diabetes management starts with the food that you put into your mouth. However, an even bigger part of changing your eating habits is the planning that goes into it. Sometimes this task can be the most daunting!

So through the end of January, we’ll be running a blog series to help you with this important aspect of healthy eating. Stay tuned, because you’ll get a ton of simple tips that will help you with planning the shopping list, stocking your cupboards and shopping the grocery store. Make sure you’re subscribed to the blog (provide your email on the right) so you don’t miss any of this great advice!

Tip #1

Try to keep your kitchen well-stocked with healthy food to avoid large shopping trips. Your shopping list should reflect only what you need in the pantry and fridge. It is easier to avoid picking up calorie-dense snacks when you know what you need and you follow your list.

Written by guest blogger: Abby Olson, Saint Louis University Dietetic Intern


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