Get Your Plan in Place: Tip #4

Go to the store at a time when you are not rushed. Take the time when you are there to read food labels and compare different brands. Always try to pick items that contain lower amounts of saturated fat and sodium. When speed-reading labels make sure to check out the calories per serving and make sure the amount of carbohydrates fits into your meal plan. (Remember every 15 grams of carbs= 1 serving size). When you find a brand that you like and fits your nutritional goals, write it down! Your shopping trips will get easier each time.

If you’re unsure of how many carbohydrates you should be eating at meals, schedule an appointment with one of our Registered Dietitians. They’re Certified Diabetes Educators too–so they’re experts in carb counting and are here to help you with meal-planning!

Guest contributor: Abby Olson, Saint Louis University Dietetic Intern


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