How are you doing? Maybe it’s time to start outsourcing.

Together we can do it!

We’re six weeks into the New Year–already. How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions and goals?

When we see patients, we schedule follow-up visits. The purpose of these visits is to evaluate progress and re-assess goals. You might wonder why we ask to see you more often than your physician, and it’s because setting goals and maintaining accountability to your goals is essential to your success. Diet, exercise and diabetes care goals tend to be some of the most difficult to maintain and it can help to have support from qualified professionals on your team. I usually ask my new patients to come back in four to six weeks because it’s enough time to determine how you’re doing and if your goals are reasonable and achievable or not.

We recently found this article with a unique perspective on maintaing progress towards your goals. It’s the idea of “outsourcing self control.” Many companies are outsourcing, so why can’t we apply this principle to other aspects in our personal lives too?

In order to stay on track, you’ve heard us recommend:

  • Keeping track of your progress on a regular basis, like using a food journal or glucose log book;
  • Not letting a lapse shake you off track for good; and
  • Rewarding progress.

“Outsourcing self control” means having someone else monitor your goals and progress. I think you know why. When we’re accountable to someone else, we tend to adhere to our goals a little more strongly. A dietitian or diabetes educator is the perfect person to “outsource” to. We’re on your team and we want you to succeed! Plus we’re specially trained in our areas, so you can trust that our advice is based on the facts. We know how to help you set reasonable and achievable goals and we’ll help you take the steps to reach them.

Think about the goals you made for this year. Have you made progress towards at least some? If you have, great! Keep going and think about your next steps. Re-evaluate your goals every month. If you’re having trouble, it could be that your goals were too lofty in the first place or you need to think about “outsourcing.”

Call us at 314-525-4508 to schedule an appointment. You can view the services and classes that are available at St. Anthony’s here. If you’re not in St. Louis, find a dietitian or diabetes educator through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics or the American Association of Diabetes Educators.

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2 Responses to How are you doing? Maybe it’s time to start outsourcing.

  1. Dawn West says:

    Thanks for the reminder that I am not alone. Now it is time for me to really start trying to meet my goals that we set at my last visit. Thanks for being a much-needed cheerleader!

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