As National Nutrition Month Draws to a Close…

This year’s celebration of National Nutrition Month comes to a close tomorrow. I’m sad to see it go but am happy that this year we at St. Anthony’s have had many opportunities to spread the word and raise awareness of the importance of good nutrition!

As you know, this year’s theme was “Get Your Plate in Shape.” We focused on using the new MyPlate to help plan balanced, healthy meals. I got to give a community presentation last Wednesday that focused on just that. Read our previous post about this year’s “Get Your Plate in Shape” key messages here.

Judy Schmitt taught a workshop on preventing diabetes and Cathy Feldmeier led a support group entitled, “Take Charge of Your Diabetes” at a local senior citizens community. Some of our physicians shared their tips for staying healthy too! We also celebrated the 24th annual Diabetes Alert Day this month.

St. Anthony’s debuted its website, “Get Fit!” on March 10th with a community event to kick it off. The website is dedicated to providing tips for health and wellness and is chock-full of advice and videos, plus reminders for upcoming health events. You can also use the site as a goal-tracker. Set some goals for yourself, enter them into the site and track your progress. Do your part in creating a healthy community.

I like to think of National Nutrition Month as the “Nutrition New Year.” That’s because I view it as the perfect time of year to focus on nutrition and start fresh. That’s what spring is all about, right? My personal “Nutrition New Year’s” goal was to begin consistent exercise again in the morning. I’ve had some injuries that held me back for several weeks during the beginning of the year (some of you some me on crutches) and I used NNM as my motivation to get going again. I’m pleased to say that I’ve been very successful! I’ve started a new walking and weight-lifting regimen.

As you can tell, we’ve had a very busy month promoting health and wellness in our community. Now we’d like your input about National Nutrition Month. Please leave us some comments!

What goals did you set for the “Nutrition New Year?” How have you done?

What did you learn during National Nutrition Month this year?

What does National Nutrition Month mean to you? How has it helped you and your family? Here’s what is means to us.

Please leave us some comments. And remember, just because National Nutrition Month is ending, doesn’t mean that we should stop focusing on our nutrition habits and health. For additional resources visit ChooseMyPlate or the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. For personal meal-planning and nutrition education, visit our website.


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    […]As National Nutrition Month Draws to a Close… « Talk Diabetes[…]…

  2. We just posted four super easy and healthy recipes on our Facebook page. Check them out: and happy National Nutrition Month!

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