Happy Easter!

The egg is widely used as a symbol of the start of a new life, just as a new life emerges from an egg when a chick hatches.  It became associated with Easter as a symbol for the new life of Christ and the Resurrection.  Now Easter eggs abound at this season reminding us what we are celebrating. 

It made me think about how often we are given an opportunity for new life and new beginnings in diabetes.  It is never too late to make changes and/or start fresh.  We often talk about New Year’s resolutions and spring cleaning; Easter can symbolize a fresh start, or “new life,” too. 

Setting and evaluating goals can be a very helpful tactic in diabetes just as in life.  Each change of season or each doctor’s appointment can be a time to evaluate how the previous several months have gone.  Setting goals to help keep things on track or to improve your health can be very beneficial.  Be sure your goal is realistic so you can feel successful and encouraged and ready to keep moving forward with more goals. 

Is it time for a “new life” for your diabetes management plan?  As you crack open that Easter egg today, think of how you will add some freshness and new approaches to keeping yourself healthy.

Written by: Kathy Haarmann

Photo credit: Grant Cochrane


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