New Meter Connects to Your iDevices

If you have diabetes…and you’re an Apple/Mac fan…the wait is over! Sanofi has released their new meter, the iBGStar, that connects to the iPhone or iPod touch.

The iBGStar is a compact glucose meter that connects directly to your iPhone or iTouch device using the USB port. Download the iBGStar Diabetes Manager app and whenever you take a blood sugar reading with the meter attached, your data will be automatically synced with the app. Along with your blood sugar readings, the Diabetes Manager app also logs your carb intake and insulin doses and has the capability to easily “tag” your readings (for before or after meals, exercise, etc.).

Blood glucose monitoring is essential for achieving the best glucose control and preventing complications. The iBGStar meter might be right for you because it’s one less thing to carry around. The companion Diabetes Manager app enables you to take all your diabetes management data wherever you take your phone and it’s set up so that you can easily share this data with your healthcare provider too. It’s diabetes management made easier. Who doesn’t want that?

Click here to read more about the iBGStar glucose meter, including information on purchasing and insurance coverage. Different meters are associated with different costs depending on your insurance plan. Talk with your healthcare provider and/or pharmacist before changing products.

St. Anthony’s does not endorse the use of one meter as opposed to another. This post was written without sponsorship.

Photo credit: Salvatore Vuono


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