Need to calculate nutrition facts for a recipe?

So you’re great at counting carbs when you have a nutrition label to check. Maybe you’ve also got many of your exchanges memorized. But how do you count carbs when it comes to your favorite homemade casserole? Or chili? It can be a time-consuming task to calculate carbs for a recipe, although it can be done. There is an easier way! We’ve found it in a very helpful resource; it’s the recipe calculator on (a section of the SparkPeople website).

Give it a try next time you make one of your favorite family recipes. Follow the link above and search the food database for each ingredient in your recipe, then add it to your list. Type in how many servings your recipe yields and hit “calculate info.” Viola! The recipe calculator will figure out all the nutritional information for your recipe in a flash. Even better: if you create a free SparkPeople account, you can save all your recipes so you never have to do this again. You’ll have your very own virtual recipe box. Cool, huh?

We love sharing resources that can make healthy eating and managing diabetes easier. What are some resources you use? Let our community know by leaving a comment!



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