Trends for 2013: Part 1

Technology and science are always advancing. Along with these advances come improvements in diabetes management technology, food and fitness. Throughout January, we’ll be talking about some of the latest trends we’ve spotted for diabetes management and health in 2013. There’s lots to explore. We challenge you to find out how technology can help you better control your health and diabetes!

Part 1: Trends in Diabetes Technology for 2013

This year, glucose monitoring, insulin delivery and tracking devices are being updated as well as becoming more personalized and user-friendly. Here are some of the trends in technology that are making diabetes management more streamlined.


Touch screens.
Glucose monitoring and insulin delivery systems are starting to catch up with mainstream consumer devices by utilizing the touch screen.  Look for these diabetes management devices that have touch screens:

  • Tandem t:slim insulin pump
  • Abbott InsuLinx glucose meter

Color displays.
See your results in color, not black and white. These devices have color displays:

  • Contour Next Link and USB glucose meters
  • OneTouch VerioIQ glucose meter
  • Tandem t:slim insulin pump
  • OmniPod insulin pump

See the whole picture.
Some of the newest glucose meters allow you to see more than just your blood sugar.

  • Enter your insulin dose in the Abbott InsuLinx glucose meter.
  • The OneTouch VerioIQ glucose meter will alert you to patterns of high or low blood sugars.
  • Easily flag whether your blood sugar was taken before or after a meal with the Contour Next meters.

Phone and wireless integration. Data in the “cloud.”
Kiss cords, cables and single purpose pieces goodbye. Streamline your life with devices that serve multiple functions or integrate with other devices wirelessly. As we move through 2013, we’ll also see more and more devices that store data in the “cloud,” making it accessible remotely.

  • The iBGStar (Sanofi-Aventis) glucose meter plugs directly into your iPhone or iPod Touch to turn your phone into a glucose meter.
  • Accu-Check Combo insulin pump and “smart meter” send information back and forth wirelessly.
  • Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm pump and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system are combined in a single device and sync wirelessly with the Contour Next Link glucose meter.

New apps and remote-monitoring (for parents and caregivers).
Super cool ways to stay in touch in real time with your child or a loved one who needs some assistance managing diabetes.

  • mySentry relays data from the MiniMed Paradigm Real-Time Revel Continuous Glucose Monitoring system to a hub up to 50 feet away. Parents of children with diabetes can see glucose trends and listen for high or low alarms.
  • Blue Loop is an app that is an extension of the My Care Connect website–a hub for caregivers and parents to view data on a person with diabetes in real time. For instance, a parent can remotely see their child’s blood sugars (when entered) and can send text reminders.

Read more about other nutrition and diabetes apps here. Also check our Resource Center for more information on other helpful apps.

Stay tuned for Part 2: Food Trends for 2013.

Please note: St. Anthonys is not affiliated or compensated by any of the aforementioned companies, products or technologies. These are also only a fraction of the technologies available. This post is meant to be an update on new technologies and products, not promotional or to be used in place of medical advice.


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