St. Louis Diabetes Support Group: Dawn Phenom

BicycleWe wanted to pass along another diabetes support resource that’s right here in our St. Louis backyard:

The St. Louis chapter of Insulindependence, called Dawn Phenom, is a support group for athletes with diabetes. They organize “Dawn Phenom” events, which are community fitness gatherings hosted by Insulindependence chapter leaders. Meetings are hosted on the second Saturday of every month for a group run/walk/bike ride. Events are free. Do you have diabetes and an interest in fitness? This is a great opportunity to mingle with others who do too. Find Dawn Phenom on Facebook here.

During the winter months, December-February, Dawn Phenom will hold group meetings at St. Louis Spinning from 8:30-9:30 a.m. For more information, click here. Register in advance on Facebook or using the contact information on the link provided.

Insulindependence‘s mission is to inspire individuals to better manage their diabetes through active living. Definitely read more about this incredible organization that was founded in 2005.



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