A New Epidemic


I discovered some startling news recently, when we had our employee health screening. An epidemic is sweeping across America, even around the world! It causes drivers of all ages to drive blind for 5 seconds at a time! What is it? It’s called TEXTING AND DRIVING!! While many of you think it doesn’t affect you because you are not a teen or because you, yourself don’t text — think again — you could be on the wrong end of a tragedy that involves texting. Saint Anthony’s Medical Center wants our community to be safe and is helping to increase the awareness of the dangers of texting while driving, by starting an initiative asking it’s employees to sign a Text Free Driving Pledge.

Facts about texting and driving:

  • it’s like driving after drinking 4 beers;
  • it increases the chance of having a crash by 23 times;
  • distracted driving injures over 300,000 people every year;
  • car crashes kill an average of eleven teens EVERY DAY;
  • it causes you to take your eyes off the road for an average of 5 seconds. At 55mph, it’s equivalent to driving the length of a football field, completely blind. A remarkable stat considering I don’t see that many drivers going only 55mph!

Be vigilant while driving; ALWAYS wear a seat belt, and commit to text free driving.  Access www.facebook.com/textfreedriving, www.textingthumbsbands.com, and www.textingwhiledrivingbands.com.

I signed the pledge…is yours the life I saved today?


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