Halloween–Trick or Treat?


Halloween is the starting point of the holiday months where we are surrounded by all types of sweet treats. While the temptations can be challenging, a little knowledge and planning can help you enjoy the weeks ahead. Although most foods can fit into a healthy meal plan, many desserts and treats are a source of empty calories, fat, carbohydrates, and very few nutrients. The key is moderation and having an occasional treat can help you feel less deprived. Here are a few tips I use to help me resist the sweet-tooth attack:

a) if you are giving out candy, buying the type you don’t like will help reduce the leftovers. Keeping candy in the house “for the grandkids” is a lousy excuse for buying too much. And I know that for a fact — I have 13 grandchildren! Don’t be fooled by the “sugar-free” label, there are still carbs, often fat, sometimes loose-stool, and more expense associated with those types of products, and can still raise your blood glucose. If you do eat candy, the Halloween Candy Carbs can help you choose more wisely, but note that the list has only the carb info; anything chocolate or that has nuts will also contain fat.

b) other than candy, mini snack pack bags of various types are available this time of year: pretzels, teddy grahams, and goldfish are often preferred by the younger trick-‘r-treaters, and certainly favored by their parents. Those snack bags average 7 to 11grams of carbs, and zero to 3 grams of fat, so they are just the right size for when you get an attack of the nibbles.

c) if you can’t resist anything edible, give out something else: coins are a favorite with any age, as well as, Halloween themed note pads, mini decks of cards, bracelets, necklace/beads, spider rings, light-up rings, silly putty, stretchy toy critters, bouncy balls that look like eyeballs, wax fangs/teeth, finger puppets, etc;. Many of these things can be bought in “party favors paks” from the birthday section of department stores or party/celebration stores.

The real fun of the holiday is seeing the excitement of the kids, the costumes, and the corny jokes!

What are your tips for helping to ease the challenges of this time of year?


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