Gobble Tov? What?

I read an interesting note, by Elizabeth Jenkins, on the web, regarding a rare coincidence about this week’s big holiday. Thanksgiving day overlaps with the first night of Hanukkah — an coincidence that won’t happen for another 70,000 years! The first Thanksgiving celebrated a successful harvest, after a harsh winter and grim times the Pilgrims had in adjusting to their new life in America. Hanukkah celebrates a small amount of oil that burned for eight days after the re-dedication of a temple, following a successful revolt against an anti-Jewish monarchy.

The author enlisted the help of 2 home decorating experts to provide tips on how to blend the Thanksgiving Day celebration with the Festival of Lights celebration. Their suggestions are included in this article. Decorate your table with the customary Thanksgiving cornucopia and vibrant mums, clear the table during the break between dinner and dessert. While the guests go for a walk during football half-time shows (hint-hint-exercise shouldn’t take a holiday) or they play cards or a game of dreidel, move the menorah onto the table and place a single pear (ceramic, silver, or fresh pear) on the dessert plates -symbolic objects of Hanukkah. Because the traditional oranges and browns of Thanksgiving are difficult to blend with the traditional blue and silver of Hanukkah, they suggest using neutrals, such as white, tan, and gray. Changing the table runner, candlesticks, or centerpiece will help give your table a fresh look. For the remainder of Hanukkah week, remove the cornucopia and use a vase of fresh flowers.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate the holidays this week, please remember that the most important thing is to cherish family times and the creation of great memories!


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