Holiday Gift Time

The holiday shopping season started even earlier this year — in some locations, before halloween! And yet, some of us are still scurrying about for those last minute gifts. I was recently asked about gift suggestions for people with diabetes, because as you know, if you don’t tell your loved ones what you want, all you will get is a box of sugar-free chocolates! That is NOT a great idea because the sugar-free chocolates/candy still have calories, carbs, fat, are expensive, are not always very tasty, and more than 3 pieces a day can have a laxative effect.

My suggestions:  new gloves/hat/scarf — prevent hypothermia/frostbite; new book of your favorite author; a gift card to a book store or online book store — you can pick out a book, a journal to document progress towards your new years resolutions, a cookbook, can get an exercise CD/DVD, puzzle books to keep your mind active, etc. How about a one month guest/trial membership to the YMCA, a fitness center, or gym — that way you can try out a piece of equipment, before buying one that may not suit your needs.  Other ideas are: gift subscription for diabetes related magazines, gift certificates a gas station, a massage, car washes, photo portraits, or painting classes or dance lessons (check out some of the local community colleges or Community Centers). Grocery store gift cards can help pay for healthier food choices, such as fresh fruit and vegetables that are a little more pricey this time of year. Did you know that you can use a gift card from the major grocery chains and major retail drug stores, in the pharmacy, for medical ID jewelry, your blood glucose testing supplies, or co-pays on your meds? This is especially helpful if someone you know doesn’t have health insurance, or if you use mail order or need extra test strips/lancets unexpectedly, such as during illness and flu season, when you need to test every 4 hours. And now that we are approaching the new year, check with your pharmacy to see if they can print off a record of all you have purchased there for your taxes.

These ideas can be used for any occasion: birthday, anniversary, accomplishing a goal, etc. So when someone asks you what do YOU want for a gift, speak up, get something you want or need; you’ll probably get the candy anyway! What are your ideas?

Magazine Resouces:, (1-800-234-0923);, (1-800-806-7801);, (1-847-329-5657); www.HealthMonitor/com/Diabetes.


One Response to Holiday Gift Time

  1. Charlotte says:

    There are some great ideas here. Thanks for sending them.

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