“Spring Forward” this weekend!

Have you noticed that daylight is lasting a few minutes longer every day in the past week? This weekend, the time changes for many areas of the country–“spring forward”.  As you walk around your residence changing the time on clocks and electronic devices, don’t forget your “diabetes-related” devices; they may not change automatically. The data memory in your blood glucose meter is saved according to the time of the test; it needs to be correct. The time set in your insulin pump &/or continuous glucose monitor (CGM) determines your personal settings, including basal and bolus rates. Additionally, the “insulin on board (IOB) ” feature and time of your boluses is directly tied in to the time set in a pump. So the time setting is very important and needs to be accurate. You may also need to synchronize the clocks on your computer software diabetes data management systems to maintain the accuracy of time for data saved and downloading purposes. After you have programmed the new time, always double check your settings, especially that the AM/PM setting is correct. The Users Guide can direct you on the procedure to follow, or contact the Customer Support departments, of your various devices, by their specific website or by calling the toll-free phone numbers, usually found on the back of the device; they may request the serial number of your equipment. This same information is also important if you are traveling to different time zones. As you travel through different time zones, you should remember to update the time on your insulin pump and blood glucose (BG) meter, especially if the time change is 3 or more hours.


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