New insulin pen delivery device

NovoNordisk has a new re-usable insulin pen injector device, NovoPen Echo, that was recently approved for use. It uses NovoNordisk Penfill insulin cartridges (prefilled, 3ml=300 units).  The Echo allows delivery of insulin doses in 1/2 unit increments, with a max dose of 30 units per use. It has a “dose memory” that displays the amount of insulin most recently injected and the time that has elapsed since that dose (in full hour increments). The pen device comes in red and blue, which could be helpful if using 2 types of insulin. It uses a non-replaceable battery that lasts about 4 to 5 years.

This information is not meant to replace your healthcare Provider’s advice. It is not an endorsement of this product or of the NovoNordisk company.


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