New Levemir Insulin Pen Delivery Device

Submitted by Kristen Rider, BSN, RN, CDE

NovoNordisk has launched the new insulin pen delivery device for Levemir insulin. Previously, Levemir was available in a vial or in a Flexpen. The new pen device is called the Levemir FlexTouch Pen. The new pen device now has no push-button extension. On the previous device, as the dose was dialed, the push button extended outward. The FlexTouch has a low-force touch button and a click after the dose is delivered. The new device can deliver up to 80 units in one dose (previously 60 with the Flexpen). Each pen device is prefilled with 300 units of insulin, as it was previously with the Flexpen. If you use a Levemir Flexpen, you will be seeing the new device in the near future, as the Flexpen will be discontinued. Levemir will continue to be available in a vial.

This information is not meant to replace your healthcare Provider’s advice. It is not an endorsement of this product or of the NovoNordisk company.

The Outpatient Diabetes and Nutrition Services Department at St. Anthony’s Medical Center can assist you with questions you may have regarding this change or other questions you have regarding your diabetes self-management. Call us at 314-525-4523 for more information.


Source: NovoNordisk, 2014


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