How Much Candy is bought for Halloween?

Halloween 3

by Darla Martin, RD, LD, CDE
Have a guess for how much candy is bought for Halloween. A whopping 6 million pounds. This is equivalent in weight to 6 Titanic ships. That is a lot of calories, carbohydrate and fat!!

We cannot take the candy out of Halloween. Candy is everywhere during Halloween. It is stacked for weeks in ceiling-high piles at the supermarket. It is pooled in giant bowls on people’s desks at work. On Halloween night, homeowners everywhere load it by the handful into trick-or-treaters’ baskets. And even after the big night itself, it is sold in discount bins throughout the stores.

Planning is the key. Count the carbohydrates you are consuming when eating the treat and make it a part of your meal plan. If taking insulin, apply the appropriate insulin to carb ratio.

Ideas of what to do with extra candy after the tricker treaters are gone. Donate candy to community groups or send it to troops serving overseas. Use it to treat a low blood glucose reaction (be careful not to use candy with a lot of fat, such as chocolate candy or chocolate bars). See below for carbohydrate count of popular candies.

Halloween 1   Carbohydrate Count of Halloween Candy  

Candy Size/Package Carbohydrate (g)
Air Head 1 bar 14g
Almond Joy 1 snack size 10g
Baby Ruth 1 fun size 12g
Bit-O-Honey 3 pieces 16g
Blow Pop Sucker 1 sucker 17g
Bubble Yum 1 6g
Butterfinger 1 fun size 18g
Candy Corn 12 pieces 15g
Dots 1 small box (7 pieces) 20g
Dum Dum Sucker 1 sucker 5g
Gobstopper 9 pieces 14g
Gummy Bears 8 pieces 15g
Hershey’s Bar 3 miniatures 15g
Hershey’s Almond Bar 3 miniatures 15g
Hershey’s Kisses 6 pieces 16g
Jolly Rancher 1 piece 6g
Kit Kat Bar 1 snack size 9g
Twizzlers Licorice 4 pieces 18g
M&Ms (Plain) 1 fun size 11g
M&Ms (Peanut) 1 fun size 11g
Mike & Ikes 1 small box 20g
Milky Way 1 fun size 12g
Nerds 1 small box 14g
Nestle Crunch 1 fun size 8g
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups 3 miniatures 15g
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups 1 regular cup 12g
Shockers 9 pieces 13g
Skittles 1 mini bag 13g
Smarties 1 roll 6g
Snickers 1 fun size 10g
Starburst 4 pieces 12g
Sweet Tarts 8 pieces 13g
3 Musketeers 1 fun size 11g
Tootsie Pop 1 sucker 15g
Tootsie Roll 3 small pieces 14g
Twix 1 fun size 13g
Whoppers 9 pieces 15g





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