Take Control: Testing Your Blood Sugar

By Susan Klick, MSN, RN, CNLDiabetes

Last week we listed the Top Ten Reasons why people avoid testing their blood sugar. You may have identified with one or more of those reasons, or maybe you discovered a few new reasons why not to test your sugar.

BUT WAIT!!!! While never decide that regular monitoring is great fun, it does have its benefits. Research results are overwhelming:   Checking your blood glucose regularly can help you manage your diabetes more effectively.   Taking control will help you to feel physically better. It gives you a wider range of options regarding food, medication, and activity. It leads to a greater sense of freedom. Take steps get that meter out of the drawer and start testing on a regular basis:

  1. Have a serious talk with your meter. Readings are not good or bad. They are high or low. When you have a reading that is out of range focus on problem-solving.
  2. Be reasonable about blood glucose expectations. Ask your healthcare team what your range is.
  3. Learn to make good use of blood glucose information. Know when to change your food intake or your activity level. If it isn’t working, it may be time for a new plan!
  4. Make your environment work for you. Sometimes the biggest barriers to regular monitoring are the little things. Be creative and think about ways to modify your life to make regular monitoring easier.
  5. Get yourself the right equipment. If your finger pricks are painful, you may need a new or different lancing device.
  6. Become a smart shopper. To lower your out-of-pocket expenses, shop around to find the lowest prices on supplies.
  7. Make sure everyone knows that you are in charge. The diabetes police are well-intentioned; they are just trying to be helpful. Tell them about your diabetes care plan, let them know you appreciate their concern, and offer suggestions as to what sort of support you would prefer.
  8. Make peace with your blood glucose meter. Identify the reasons that keep you from monitoring regularly. The good news is that these barriers can be successfully overcome!


Diabetes Self Management



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  1. Awesome blog posted on blood sugar control….

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