Blood Sugar Swings

Do you ever experience blood sugar swings? A recent article in Diabetic Living discussed 10 reasons for blood sugar swings.

  1. Improper Control: Routinely checking your blood sugar levels, taking medications correctly, and meeting healthy lifestyle recommendations all play a role in helping to control your blood sugars.
  2. Sugary Drinks: Sugars hidden in specialty drinks, like special coffee drinks or mixed drinks can pack in carbs and cause blood sugar spikes. Know the ingredients and limit added sugars.
  3. Medication Mistakes: Taking the wrong dose of medication can cause a swing in blood sugar. Prevent incorrect dosing by using a pill box and by asking questions at your doctor’s office and at the pharmacy.
  4. Illness: Coming down with a bug can mean spikes in sugar levels. When you are sick – anything from the flu to food poisoning, your liver releases extra sugar. Stay hydrated. Check blood glucose more often.
  5. Inaccurate Counting: Letting those portion sizes get away from you can lead to miscalculating the number of carbohydrates you are actually eating. Use measuring cups and spoons.
  6. Stress! Stress comes in all forms – physical, mental, and emotional. Sudden bouts of stress can cause blood sugar to spike or drop! Practice relaxation exercises.rollecoaster
  7. Irregular Carbohydrate Intake: Consistent carbohydrate intake is the key. Spread your in-take out throughout the day to help ensure sugar levels remain steady.
  8. Your Period: Your blood sugar readings may swing around your period. Changing hormones in your body around that time of the month can raise your blood sugar.
  9. Pushing too Hard too Fast: High intensity workouts that push the body out of its comfort level can cause low and high blood sugars. Increase the length and intensity of your exercise in increments!
  10. Dehydration! If you don’t have enough water in your system, sugar concentrates in your bloodstream. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Your urine should be close to clear if you are drinking enough.


Source: Diabetic Living; Precision Nutrition

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